Album Review

Adele’s 30
Review: 10/10


5 years.

It has been five years since Adele’s last album release, 25.We can’t lie, five years is a lot of time.

But those five years brought us Adele’s highly anticipated release, 30.
We were blown away by 19, 21, and 25… but 30 is quite honestly one of the best lyrical and musical artistry of 2021, and above all, Adele’s best album yet.
30 is Adele’s most vulnerable work yet. The last five years for Adele have not been the easiest. Off the grid, Adele dealt with some of the hardest challenges one can face in their personal life. Adele isn’t shy in sharing that with us.
Dedicating “30” to her son, in her song, “My Little Love” Adele speaks to her son, deeply explaining how hurt and scared she has felt through relationship hardship and change.

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